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Emily Cooper Creations

Luke Burton Memorial Fund Print

Luke Burton Memorial Fund Print

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My brother-in-law Luke unexpectedly and suddenly passed away Saturday, June 28th. My sister and her two kids are heartbroken, as am I and the rest of the family. Luke was such a kind presence in a room. Everyone loved him - he was funny, genuine, and effortlessly cool. More importantly, he was an incredible husband to my sister, and dad to my nephew and niece. I’m scrambling to find ways to help in this incredibly difficult time. Our family set up a GoFundMe to help their family out as they navigate this change.


This print is a memorial print for Luke. He loved music and had an impressive vinyl collection. He was in the process of recording an album with his band before he passed. This print is a nod to The Beatles, one of Luke’s favorite bands. It features a corner of the iconic Abbey Road album cover, the apple on the center of the record represents the Beatles recording label Apple Records, and the title of the print is “some have gone and some remain,” a lyric from the song “In My Life.”

This is a hand-printed linoleum block print. It is printed with oil-based ink on acid-free Nepalese lokta paper. It measures 10” x 8” and will fit in a standard frame. It is a limited edition of 105 prints. Each print comes signed and numbered.

100% of the proceeds from this print (minus any incurred shipping fees) will go directly to the GoFundMe in support of my sister’s family. If you would like to donate more to Luke’s fund beyond the price of this print, please go to:

Thank you for your kindness and generosity during this difficult time. 

The print does not come with a frame or backing. Nothing pictured alongside the print in the image is included. Purchase of print does not reflect transfer of copyright.

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