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Emily Cooper Creations

"Evangeline" Individual Gold-Leafed 4"x6" Linoleum Block Print

"Evangeline" Individual Gold-Leafed 4"x6" Linoleum Block Print

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This is one print of a twelve-print series, entitled "On the Horizon," depicting women in the water. Each woman has an imagined story of her connection to the water.

This is Evangeline. She grew up in a rural area far away from any large body of water. As the child of farm owners, vacations were few and far between as the crops were a daily focus. It wasn’t until Evangeline was in her late teens that she saved enough money to drive to the nearest coastline to experience what she had only seen in movies. Her senses were blown away by the power and beauty of the ocean. In that moment she vowed never to allow herself to stay stagnant in one area because the beauty and diversity of different areas, cultures, and bodies of water is life changing.

Your purchase includes one 4"x6" gold-leafed linoleum block print. A print out of the woman's story will also be included with the print. It will be packaged in a plastic sleeve with a rigid mailer to protect from the elements.

The print does not come with a frame or backing. Nothing pictured alongside the print in the image is included. Purchase of print does not reflect transfer of copyright. Use of these print photos is prohibited unless previous written permission is obtained by the artist.

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