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Emily Cooper Creations

"Contentment" Original Linoleum Block Print

"Contentment" Original Linoleum Block Print

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This is an open edition print featuring the hands of a person holding a coffee mug. It is printed from a hand-carved linoleum block with the use of an etching press. The paper is handmade iris leaf paper made by a papermaker in Maine. Each print measures approximately 8"x10" but may not be exact due to the nature of handmade papermaking. There may be subtle differences in ink coverage compared to what is seen on the product image. Each print is unique as it is made by hand and not machine.


The print does not come with a frame or backing. Nothing pictured alongside the print in the image is included. Purchase of print does not reflect transfer of copyright. Use of these print photos is prohibited unless previous written permission is obtained by the artist.

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